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Thinking Existenz invites eleven personalities from diverse social and geographical backgrounds to reflect on the world and the future. This is a portrait in multiple voices of contemporary reality that reveals the deep connections that exist between our mental models and the consequences thereof in our present day – for the individual, for life and for the planet.
These testaments offer singular proof that we are living a moment of urgent questioning about our common future, raised by the joint acceleration of human, natural and technological phenomena, but also by the inoperability of our models for interpreting our world and acting upon it. The series combines doubts and perplexities with the stimulating thought of some of the most interesting personalities of our time.


Graça Castanheira | Direction
Levi Martins | Direction Assistance
Rita Borges | Production Director
Alisson Avila / Couture | International Contacts
Maria Ejarque, Beatriz Tomaz | International Production Assistance
Fernanda Riscali | Cinematography
Graça Castanheira, Beatriz Tomaz, André Dinis Carrilho | Photography and Camera
Beatriz Tomaz, Levi Martins | Editing
Levi Martins | Sound
Maria Ejarque, Sílvio Santana | Research
Margarida Lucena e Vale | Executive Producer RTP2
Pop Filmes | Post Production Image
João Ganho | Audio Post Production
Maria Inês Boudin, Ana Cardoso,
Anand Bhaskar Morla, Enas al-Muthaffar
 | Local Producers